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The freedoms to form an opinion and to also voice it are protected
rights of this great country. Herein lie some of my opinions.

Drug addiction is not a disease. Cancer is a disease. Diabetes is a disease. Alzheimer's is a disease. Drug addiction is not a disease. Disagreeing with this statement is nothing short of a slap-in-the-face on someone who really does suffer from a serious illness. Do we really need any more excuses to be drug addicts?

When Robert Downey Jr. was arrested for possession of cocaine and valium in his Palm Springs hotel room, his mother was all over the media the next day saying that relapse was expected and accepted in his drug recovery program. Geez, thanks Mom. Maybe she could do his time for him too. If you plant it in someone's head that relapse is expected then you are damning that persons future. You don't have to dig deep to realize that statements like that are built-in excuses for the failures of drug treatment centers. How else can you justify spending upwards of $10,000 only to have the program fail? By saying that it's O.K. to slip. Well, it's not O.K. A 70% success rate is nothing more then a well padded 30% failure. Giving you the option to "slip" is giving you yet another reason to be a drug addict.

Are you tired of the lies yet? Then here is the truth, my friend. The world is content with you being a drug addict. Society needs to have built in tier levels of success and failure. Working class, middle class, and upper middle class. To reach any level of success you have to have someone on the bottom. People will smile and look you right in the eye and tell you that they want to help you...but they do not. They really want to believe that they do...but they do not.

You are on your own in every sense. By seeking out this program you have now singled yourself out yet again. You are now the ultimate minority of one. To get through this program you must see yourself in this way. You against the world. That is the truth. At least until the time comes when you re-join your birthright, to live happily ever after. Did you think that was only in fairy tales?

Robert Downey JR's mother also publicly stated that she believed that her son needed to spend more time with his psychiatrist. While drug addiction is a psychological addiction in part, it is also a physical addiction. We play into yet another misunderstanding when we rely on psychiatry to help us with our drug addiction. As with any other medical doctor, they simply do not know what to do with the drug addict. If you ask a psychiatrist how he treats a drug addict he will tell you this; first you separate him from his drug and then you treat him with anti-depressants. Now, first of all, if we could simply separate ourselves from the drug, we wouldn't be drug addicts. Treating the addict with anti-depressants is treating the symptoms and not the problem. Of course he's depressed. He's not getting his "medicine." There is an incredible amount of pressure being placed on the entire medical profession by deep pocket pharmeceutical companies. The drug treatment industry is well aware of the fact that anti-depressants are of little value to the recovering drug addict. The pharmeceutical companies are shameful drug dealers who pour millions of surplus dollars every year into keeping alive the lie that their goods are necessary in both drug treatment and dependency. The psychiatric industry is in such a void as to their own intent that they play follow-the-leader for fear of being put under the glass by developing any new strategies or techniques.

Though it would appear that drug addiction is a psychological addiction, it is the physical addiction that we must first fight off to become drug free. It is the addiction of the physical brain that causes the psychological dependency. When the physical brain is deprived of its "medicine" it uses all of its resources to continue with the self-medication. Hope, fear, pain, depression, etc. Though they appear to be psychological in nature, they are caused by physical addictions. With this knowledge in hand, it is much easier to treat the drug addict.

You are so close my friend.

First and foremost, you need to understand that there are lots of people who have walked in your shoes who are now very clean. Grip it, hard. What one man can do another man can do. The program you have chosen is the successful one, put together by people just like you who are now clean because they have successfully used these techniques. They are as simple as they are effective.

Know your enemies.
Rule number one on staying clean is to realize that you are very different now. You are not the same person that you have been. All of the factors that made you a drug addict must be removed from your life. That was your old life and this is you now. You are not "selling out" or being a hypocrite but you must adjust-out some of the people who used to be your friends. You know that already, don't you? You must know your enemies. Anybody who offers you meth is now your enemy, straight up. A true friend would not offer you meth knowing that you are trying to quit. This is now your enemy number one and should be handled as so.

Put the hatred down.
In starting your new life you have to toss aside all feelings of hatred for yourself as well as towards other people. There is no room in your new life for prejudging other people. It is very important that you start thinking about people in only three categories. There are drug addicts, people who used to be drug addicts and people who have never done drugs before. You have heard it before, drug addiction is an equal opportunity employer who doesn't discriminate between the color of a mans skin or his religious beliefs. So now you must put the hatred down and give everybody a "second chance" as you will come to expect them to give you. Put the hatred down. Let it go. Only then can you begin this program.

Sell it….on Ebay.
A big part of your successful recovery is to benefit from the advantages of sobriety from the get-go. We all realize that simply cleaning up does not help the non-functioning addict to gain employment. That is why we have developed the "bonus Ebay cassette" as a recommended option to help people "come up" during their recovery period. This tape will help you not only recover the entire cost of this very program, but will help you gain financial independence altogether. Following the step-by-step instructions on this audiocassette, it is easy to make an extra $300 to $500 a week selling on Ebay with just 1 to 2 hours of work a day. Also, the money is virtually tax-free. It is the inclusion of this Ebay tape that prevents us from allowing charge-backs to the program. We believe that the key benefit of recovery is "money in your pocket" which reinforces your decision to quit using. This goes up against the standard belief that the clean drug addict with money in his pocket will soon be dirty again. In this program, we quit for life and not for just now. It is time for you to start acquiring things on your own. But first, gather up all of that junk you have…. And sell it on Ebay!

Now its time to start your program.
This program assumes that you are a daily user who has not quit yet but wants to. Understanding this will assist people at all levels of addiction. It is important to note that before putting in the videotape you must give yourself enough undisturbed time to watch the entire tape. You must be alone and have 40 minutes of free time. It is very important that you listen closely to every word that is being said to you. These are words that you need to hear and understand. The introduction audiocassette is a simple recording of the videotape. We believe that you should listen to the introduction audiocassette tape at least one time so that all of these techniques sink into your thought patterns. Do not watch the video tape with any other person unless it is a very close friend and you are attempting to quit together. Understand that "wanting" to quit meth comes in many different levels and only those who really want to quit and actually hate using will be successful. Remember that this is a self-help program to assist you in quitting and that using all of these techniques will get you off of meth and help to keep you off. Your dreams will come true. Now, I want you to hold your head up and put a smile on your face because you know that it is over now and that you are a good person. And....begin.

Always remember; what one man can do, another man can do. Together, we are going to change the world, my friend. If for no other reason then to spite those who say that we can not.


Please note that the follow-up button on our website is a fail-safe device for updating our program or correcting any flaws that we may find in the future. It is important that you check back from time-to-time and "click-on" the follow-up button to review our progress. Thank you.


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